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Am I responsible for gas and how does that process work? 

Fuel is available at or near each marina. Your boat will always be waiting with a full tank of gas. Some of our franchise locations have fuel flow meters and don’t require you to fill up your own boat. Ask your membership executive for details.

What are the operating hours I can use a boat?

Boats are available for use from 9:00 am and need to be back to port at 4:30 pm.

Are there any limitations to where we can go?

 Range limitations may vary by vessel and what excursions you would like to partake in.

Is there a limit on the number of times per year that I can use a boat?

 As a member, you have unlimited use of our fleet as long as the boat is available.

What type of boats do you have? 

We maintain a variety of boats ranging from fishing boats, to deckboats, bowriders and pontoons and our fleet is based on the needs and demands of our area. Feel free to browse through the “Our Fleet” page to view our fleet of boats.

Do you offer training and safety classes? 

Sweetwater Lifestyles puts a premium on boater education and safety through our comprehensive Sweetwater Academy. Here you will receive a comprehensive training from our United States Coast Guard Master licensed Captains on all aspects of operating each boat in our fleet to ensure you confidence on the water. This generally includes classroom and on-water training activities and members must complete this training course before reserving a boat.

How do I make reservations? 

Reservations can be made online through our online reservation system or by simply calling our club’s reservations department.

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